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Be Active And Involved Outside Of Class

College is known to give you lots of stress when it comes to studies. You are also to experience the pressure of needing good grades to get good jobs. And to top it all off, you have to do all these while still trying to have fun because this is, essentially, the last years of your carefree life. Schools actually help you with having fun, the good kind of fun. Just look around and find the things that you like.

Schools always have dances at certain times of the year. You have two chances to be involved here. First you can join the dance committee. You guys will be in charge of everything for the dance, basically; decorations, food, songs, themes, and things like that. If you’re on of the people who actually like doing these kinds of things, then this is an opportunity for you to be involved, have fun and even meet new people. The second one is for you to attend the dance yourself. If you have a date, then that’s great. If you don’t, you can always go with your friends. This is one of the best opportunities for you to socialize and distress.

There are also organizations all around the school. These are groups that have the same interests, have a similar goal and/or have the same background. These groups can be helpful for finding lifelong friends, not just ones that you hang out with for the sake of not being alone. This is where you can find people that like the same things that you do and that is a good foundation for any friendship. These organizations also hold events of your own that you can help prepare and also attend.

The important thing to keep in mind is that these extracurricular things should be 2nd in terms of priority to your studies. Your studies should always come first and foremost, before anything else.

Being Independent In A Community College

For almost every student, when they are still in high school, they dream of the day that reach college and can finally be free. Yes, you would be free of your parents nagging you maybe. But in return, you would now have responsibilities. Basically, you are now responsible for yourself.

The first thing you need to prioritize is your health. You don’t have your mom to remind you to bring your umbrella anymore. You don’t have your parents to tell you to be careful. You have to think of these things by yourself now that you are in college.

Make sure that you watch what you eat. Yes, you can party. You can drink Vodka and Gin and all those other stuff. But be sure to also drink lots of water to rehydrate your body. You can eat chips and pizza and all other kinds of take out. But you also need to eat fruits and vegetables to balance out all the junk food that you feed yourself.

There are a very few students who don’t feel the need of caffeine and energy drinks, especially when it’s exams week or when you have tons of papers and projects to finish. This is even more true for students who are crammers; and there are a lot out there. These drinks are addictive though, so make sure not to drink more than you need. They can also give you the energy you need now but would cause you to crash and burn after. That’s not a good thing to experience when you still have other things to do.

You should also be prepared for whatever weather the location of your community college throws at you. although college is the time to be carefree and enjoy everything life has to offer, again, your health should still be your priority.

Common Misconceptions About Community College

Attending community has certain connotations that aren’t always correct. Knowing what is accurate would help you decide if attending a community college is something that would fir you. Below are the most common misleading information about community colleges.

Most people think that someone who is at a community college is only there because he or she was not able to get in to a four year university. Though this is true for some people, it is actually not true for the majority of students in these colleges. Attending a community college does not mean you were rejected by a university. It can mean that you are only exploring your options first, or that you really don’t want to go to a university due to the amount of students that you have to bear with, etc.

People also say that it would be hard for you to transfer from community college to a university. This is entirely not true. As long as your grades are good, you’ve taken the right classes, etc., then you can most certainly transfer. In actuality, a lot of students attend community college with the plans of transferring to a university in the future.

A lot of folks perceive the quality of education in community colleges as below standards. This is again not true. There smaller classes in colleges than in universities, which allows the teachers to focus better one each student. This would then result to the student being able to learn better. Colleges also offer a variety of courses that allow students to have a well-rounded education. You need to keep in mind that education is not only about tests and exams. It is also about experience and general knowledge. Community colleges can provide that in the same, if not better, quality as universities.

Also, everything depends on the student. A lazy student who attends a community college or a university will have the same outcomes. It is only when the student oes his or her best does he or she get good results from education.

Community College Makes More Sense Now

Not so long ago, community colleges have been seen as only a last resort, somewhere you go to only f you cannot go anywhere else. Times have been changing though and this view is definitely being altered as well.

When you go to a community college, you can easily choose the one that’s closest to your home. Usually, you would even have one in your very town. This means that you don’t need to leave home. Though this may be seen as a disadvantage for most students because they want to start their independent lives, this actually has a lot of practical benefits.

By attending a community college, you would be able to save literally thousands and thousands of dollars. If you go to a university, even if you are able to get most of your financial needs through grants and aids, you would still need to pay most of those off when you graduate. Imagine the weight on your shoulders when you have just gone into the world of workforce and you already have such debts. Attending a community college would alleviate or even completely take off this weight on you. You would then be able to go into the workforce and start saving for your future instead of paying off your student loans.

Being a community college student would also give you the much needed time to explore first before deciding on what career you want to commit your life to. Honestly, choosing your career path is just like marriage. It should be treated as a one-time thing, not something that you can change anytime. Therefore, everyone should be given ample time to explore and think about this before being forced to choose one. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. But when you attend a community college, you will get that chance that would save you having to be working a job you don’t like for the rest of your life.

Community College And Dorm Living

When you attend a community college that is still a bit far from your home, one of your options for housing is to live in a dorm. You may not think that there is any issue with this at first, but there are things that you have to be prepared for in order to avoid such issues. It’s not all parties and staying up all night, unfortunately.

First of all, you would now have to live with a roommate. Now, this would be great if your roommate is a friend you’ve had for years, or if it’s someone who you actually do become friends with. But if your roommate happens to be someone who you can\’t necessarily jive with, then here comes the issue. Living with someone you don’t like or are enemies with will be very much problematic, so it would be better for everyone involved if you just avoid the issue to come to this point. Be polite and respect your roommate even if he or she is not your friend necessarily. Remember that the room is as much his as it is yours.

You should also sit down with him and set some house rules. These are basically things that you both have to follow to make living with each other harmonious. An example of this is to set a rule for playing music, since you may have different music tastes. We all know that songs that are not in our liking tend to sound like noise. You guys can maybe set up a schedule for when each of you can play music out loud. You can also agree to just listen to music using earphones so as not to disturb the other.

Also, you need to set some rules for having visitors and sleepovers. A general rule to have is that one should notify the other beforehand if he or she is to have some visitors. A day in advance as notice would be enough, so that the other person can maybe decide to sleep somewhere else or at least be prepared for the situation.